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The number one killer of Utah's youth is suicide.

The Utah State Health Department reports that youth ages 11-17 are dying at their own hands at three times the rate recorded just 10-years ago.  LGBTQ youth are particularly vulnerable and face event greater suicide risk if thier lifestyle is rejected by their parents and caregivers.

The statistics are troubling. Not only do LGBTQ youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost 3 times the rate of heterosexual youth but LGBTQ youth are also almost 5 times as likely to have attempted suicide, compared to heterosexual youth. 

When young people feel alone, isolated, and alienated, they experience despair.  Despair drives suicide ideation.
As a community, we must find ways to ensure that our youth feel loved and supported by creating safe and supportive community environments.  We can accomplish this by creating opportunities of inclusion, cohesivness and bonding.

Yoga and mindfulness can help.

Suicidal behavior can arise from the desire to escape perceived personal failures and the inability to live up to the standards of others.

Though they are in no way substitutes for therapy and/or medical care, yoga and mindful practices can be valuable tools for many people who are living with anxiety, hopelessness, and fear.

Mindfulness can improve mental well-being and emotional stability by allowing us to observe thoughts and feelings with empathy.  When a young person learns to tap into their empathetic selves, they find reasons to love life and move forward with purpose and self-worth.

Promoting the power of mindfulness.

Thanks to the extensive research in brain science over the last decade, we now understand that practicing mindfulness is a surefire way to improve and maintain a healthier mental state.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • - Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • - Encourages self-love
  • - Promotes peace of mind
  • - Provides the feeling of connection
  • - Improves self-control
  • - Enhances coping skills
  • - Boosts immunity and improves physical health
  • - Increases self-confidence and self-esteem

You Are Loved!

Yoga Forward supports the work of the Utah Pride Center and Encircle House, to help build a community of suport and wellbeing to enable Utah's LGBTQ+ youth to thrive.

Upward facing

Apply for a Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship and serve the LGBTQ+ community in Utah.